Juventus: Paulo Dybala unveils the meaning of his new celebration! #DybalaMask

Entertainment 30 January, 2017

Paulo Dybala revealed the significance of his new celebration via a video posted on Facebook. You will see, it was not so complicated!
There are some days, meltyStyle confided that Paulo Dybala had adopted a new celebration . After his goals against Lazio Rome in Serie A and AC Milan in the Italian Cup, the striker of Juventus Turin had indeed illustrated himself in a gesture full of originality, consisting of making a mask with his thumb And its index. On social networks, Dybala then invited his followers to find the meaning, with his jersey as a gift to the key. And this weekend, he finally lifted the veil on this movement baptized Dybala Mask by himself. We let you discover the message he posted.
On his Facebook account, Paulo Dybala posted a video in which he explains the meaning of his celebration. And if no one is able to find it, it is however not very complicated .. In fact, it simply refers to the mask of a gladiator . “When we fight, sometimes we must turn our warrior mask to be stronger without losing our smile and our kindness so far” , spoke the principal party. Failing to win the jersey Dybala – only 5 people being closest to the answer will be rewarded – (re) discover leaks third Juventus jersey for the 2017/2018 season . You celebrate Dybala?