Juventus: The new celebration of Paulo Dybala makes a cardboard!

Entertainment 27 January, 2017

Paulo Dybala is the worthy successor of Paul Pogba to the rank of celebrations! The “Dybala Mask” makes a card!
Until his departure from Juventus Paul Pogba was the king of the celebration in Serie A . As soon as he put his ball in the net, the midfielder split a movement that everyone knows now … The dab, a dance born in Atlanta and popularized by the French. But if he is now in the Premier League, his replacement is all found .. Indeed, Paulo Dybala has imagined a new way to entertain fans of the Old Lady when it is decisive. He implemented it this week against Lazio Rome and against AC Milan, two games during which he scored. We let you discover the movement made by the attacker.
This week, two goals from Paulo Dybala in Serie A and Italian Cup were followed by an unprecedented celebration … The “Dybala Mask”, says the principal party. As you can see, this celebration is to place his thumb and index finger on the face in order to hide part . And obviously, it pleased his fans. “I gets off on the new celebration Dybala” (@NicoArces), “Celebrating Dybala must be in FIFA 18” (@ChuckTailored), “In passing the new celebration Dybala is NRV” (@ Ouissem93T), has “We read on Twitter. But in fact, what does this gesture mean? That’s exactly what Dybala challenged you to find by Friday. If you get there, you have a chance to win his jersey. Are you going to participate?