Kaamelott: The best replicas!

Cinema 6 January, 2017

While the film Kaamelott should start production (if not already done), small selection of the best replicas of the series!

With his series Kaamelott, Alexandre Astier has marked several generations with replicas all more funny than the others. Replicas that fans like to stand out when the opportunity arises, coming from a multitude of characters (very) often broken arms. Perceval, Karadoc, Leodagan, Owain … all were treated to worship sentence by the charm of Kaamelott which we say yes to a version on the big screen . And it was during the early potential production of that we have decided to select you the best phrases of this cult series . Sentences very often imagined by Alexandre Astier himself whose hopes are the same in the film!
Leodagan is the beautiful father of Arthur. Often grumpy and very big mouth, the character has regaled us with his scathing replicas !
“Politics, I know that a soldier for thirty and first bumpkin bumpkins who complains about taxes, cut his foot” Radical.
“You are married like me. You know that the monstrosity can take many forms,” What put you off marriage rather quickly.
“Take the wheel, for example, it’s festive, because the condemned man is tied up and he starts breaking his arms and legs, and everybody can come with his little stick. festive !” We know how to have fun at Leodagan!
“It’s true that this mania of not wanting to torture is curious. Leodagan wishes really to torture.
Kradoc, its engine is fat . And the knight has proved it to us many times.
“If the young people start to believe in this bullshit, we are heading towards a generation of depressives, fat is life!”
“That’s it … I see trouble … it’s lack of fat, I dry up …”
“Sir, you’re coming to save me from hypolipaemia, I’ve got more fat in my blood, I’m going to start poking and losing my hair!”
Perceval, the faithful sidekick Karadoc, shines really not his intelligence . His stupidity even tends to strain King Arthur …
“It is not false !” Replica worship: when you do not understand what you’re told, get this sentence, it goes alone.
“Once I’m at a performance, I approach a girl.” To laugh, I do it: you’re the hanged man’s family, it was his sister! A fine dredger this Perceval.
“” Incandescent, that means who can grab objects without re-emerging on others. ”
“No kidding, we could not celebrate the death of the guys I know for once? It’s always the death of your friends you celebrate, me in four days is the anniversary of the death of ‘Uncle to me, without doing it on purpose he shot himself with a bow.’
“In Languedoc, they call me Provençal, but it is me who has goured me by saying my name: in Brittany it is the Big Pheasant to the south, and to the north, it’s just Ducon.”
Also interpreter of King Arthur in Kaamelott, including filming approach , in addition to being a writer, Alexandre Astier regaled us with replicas of his character that was not always the language in his pocket.
“After a while, he’s really Druid, this guy, or he’s been fucking me for fifteen years?” In the face of Merlin’s incompetence, the King loses patience!
“One hour before, I always say to myself:” Well, I’ll have lunch with Perceval, I’m glad “[…] Well, after I’ve eaten with you, I’m sorry, In the middle of the meal, I always want to burst the skull with the edge of the cup, there you see, to make you … shut your mouth once and for all.But if not, I love you”
“It’s true what they say, you are the son of a demon and a virgin? You have taken more of the Maid” Merlin takes a second KO
“No, I think you have to stop trying to say stuff, it tires you already, and for others, you do not realize what it is. I’m gonna kill you, I think, sorrow, eh, I swear it’s not good, you need more than you talk to people. ”
Owain, half-brother Arthur, also marked by its cheesy side . In Kaamelott , the character quickly crazy the poor King.
“I refuse to fight to support a policy of territorial expansion whose legitimacy I do not recognize.”
“When he opened the belly of the troll, I received a stream of acid that practically acidified me!”
“And I sympathized with a creamer who explained to me the ins and outs of his profession with great simplicity!”
“I was so angry, I threw them one of those looks … They did not come to get the change from their room.”