Kaamelott, the film: Shooting is approaching?

Cinema 29 December, 2016

The Kaamelott series should have its film and the shooting is fast approaching, normally!
“I fight and fight tooth and nail to have the right to do Kaamelott in conditions that suit me (it is still a bibi who works the most on this case, we must not mess), honest, fair and where the Means are only used to make a nice movie, not to raid tolls. ” wrote a long time ago Alexandre Astier (Kaamelott creator and lead actor in the role of King Arthur) on his Twitter account after announcing the end of the series on M6 Kaamelott . We agree, he talked about movie … And it could be that it soon was born or at least that the shooting of the feature film awaited should begin!
Indeed, the production company Regular to which Mr. Astier belongs confirmed that the shooting would begin in 2017, even end 2016. And we are pile-hair in this period! It remains to be seen if this info is still current or if the shooting has been postponed since no news has been given since … but one thing is for sure: fans expect the sequel and end of this cult series on big screen; Especially since the budget would be 15 million euros, that the casting would be the original and that the story would be divided into three parts. While waiting to learn more about Kaamelott, the film , discover the latest post disturbing Wolverine 3 .