Kaamelott: Those guests we’d like to see in the movie!

Cinema 23 January, 2017

The Kaamelott series had the right to its guest lot. But what actors and actresses would you like to see in the film?
Throughout the seasons, the Kaamelott series has established itself as a sure bet for French comedy and has invited many great comedians to join the adventures of King Arthur. The time of an episode (or more), the show of Alexandre Astier has seen Alain Chabat, Virginia Efira or Elie Semoun … and it would be normal to see new big names appear on the occasion of the release of the feature film . Announced in 2015, the production of this movie should start soon and with it the promise of a well-crafted plot always with great humor . Melty decided to make a small selection of these guest that we would like to see in Kaamelott. Do not hesitate to give us yours in the comments!
Laurent Laffite
Laurent Laffite and Alexandre Astier, this is not a new duo. He had realized in 2014 the animated film Asterix and the domain of the gods in which Laurent Laffite doubled the character Duplicatha. It must be said that the two men have much in common with a humor rather thin, very thoughtful, full of references and word games in chaos. Needless to say that the view work on the occasion of following King Arthur’s adventures and his broken arm band we would very pleasure . The actor has repeatedly proven he handled brilliantly comedy like Mom or Dad and his party just as good! Alexandre Astier, if you read these lines …
Jean Dujardin
And why not ? His longtime acolyte, Bruno Salomone, played many times in Kaamelott. With his pocket Oscar for The Artist and his cult comic characters (Brice de Nice …), Jean Dujardin would be a great guest star to appear in the adventures of King Arthur . One imagines it alongside Perceval or Karadoc on the screen, trying to understand those who try to explain these two knights a little dumb. Without forgetting that, like Laurent Laffite, Durjardin also manages the humor with brilliance. Without vulgarity, the actor knows to provoke the hilarity but also play in a measured way. Because the film Kaamelott, which we said yes immediately , should be entitled to his scenes of the lot rather serious tone.
Berengere Krief
On stage, in front of a camera or on a TV tray, Berengere Krief has this little thing could well stick to the universe of Kaamelott. Her immense distribution and energy allowed the actress to get noticed and a fourth foray through the large screen box would allow her career to experience a new rebound under the direction of Alexandre Astier. Besides the world of Kaamelott where man is omnipresent (this feature was numerous times mocked in the series), a strong female character played by Berengere Krief (or another equally talented actress) could give a new dimension to the film . We sign right now!