Kaamelott: What intrigue for the film?

Cinema 18 January, 2017

While the film Kaamelott should have entered production, what can we hope to see in the film of Alexandre Astier?
When the first book of Kaamelott was released, the success was immediate. M6 has commanded many seasons over the years and Alexandre Astier has become one of the most adored humorists on the net. It is not for nothing that with the advent of social networks and other GIFs, Kaamelott enjoyed a second life and a community of fans has emerged. A community that hopes for one thing: to find King Arthur and his band of broken arms. Good news since December 10, 2015 exactly , the actor / writer / composer / director Alexandre Astier had announced that shooting a feature film on the big screen should start at the end of 2016. While fans say YES to a Kaamelott movie , what plot can we expect?
The last season of Kaamelott presents itself as a prologue to the first book. Spectators were able to discover Arthur before his coronation as king of Britain , during his service in the Roman militia. The particularity of this season lies in its format rather long and not taking place in the same sets as previous ones. For this new vision of the King’s history and its ascent, Alexandre Astier had seen high and in the midst of the gags placed territorial disputes between Brittany and Rome. A way to make the series thick and offer the fans a true mythology and interpretation in the Alexandre Astier sauce of the legend of King Arthur. For the film Kaamelott, whose shooting approach , two options therefore offer the writer.
Continue the momentum of the sixth season and offer a response to a cliffhanger that left on their hunger many spectators and finally offer a conclusion to the Grail Quest existed since the first book. Even if the first option was swept away several years ago by Alexandre Astier, there is no indication that the man has not changed his mind. The latter also insisted that the film should take the form of a trilogy, to ensure a developed narrative frame. If the Grail Quest is the subject of feature film, fans will be pleased to find Perceval, Karadoc or Owain . Characters who made the salt of the Kaamelott series and its success. It will nevertheless be necessary to wait a little while before the first information fall and the Internet finally discover the official intrigue of the film Kaamelott.