Kaamelott: Why do we say yes to a film

Cinema 2 January, 2017

Fans have been waiting for years for the Kaamelott sequel on the big screen. That’s why we say yes to a movie right away!

It seems that the probable birth of a Kaamelott movie is approaching greatly. Remember: Regular production company, which is part Alexandre Astier, announced a shooting end of 2016 . This will revive the hope of many spectators to finally find King Arthur and his joyful band of broken arms. For as clear, for Kaamelott film, we immediately said yes ! The short programs before the evening show (or the movie) are a tradition in France but never a television series has been so smart. This feat, it is due to the talent of Alexandre Astier, capable of coating all caps: single writer and author of the series, the main character, composer of music … man has much contributed to the success of Kaamelott, we 5 things absolutely see hope in the film .
But that’s not all, since the entire cast participated in the success of Kaamelott. Perceval and Karadoc, Lancelot, Merlin, Léodagain, Yvain … all brought their batches of cult scenes and phrases that all fans like to stand out when the opportunity presents itself. Not to mention that with the advent of the Internet, the series Kaamelott experienced a second youth through nostalgic spectators of that time. Between GIF, the quiz to find out if you are more or Karadoc Perceval, the many jokes on social networks like Twitter … ever the ground has been a better time for the release of a film. Not to mention that fashion is the revival of ancient cults products, as evidenced by Star Wars and Episode 8, in which Rey will face an awesome enemy. And you, do you say yes to a Kaamelott movie?