Kaaris, Jul, S-Crew … All the signs of hands to know in French rap

Entertainment 20 April, 2017

Discover the different signs of the hand that our dear French rappers love to make to stand out.
What better than a sign of the hand to get noticed? This is in any case the idea that some French rappers have found. One thinks for example Booba, who likes to make the sign of the 92i (the two fingers that represent the 2 + the finger all alone which forms an I), history to properly represent its label as it is necessary. We also think of his rival Kaaris, who, to announce the release of his mixtape Double fuck , had found the idea to cross two fingers of honor. A sign that has remained, and that his fans continue to do on photos that the rapper regularly publishes on his account Instagram. A little less known, the hand sign of PNL (which has just canceled his concert definitely at Coachella) is a Z, which is supposedly represented the Zoo where they live.
There is also the S of the S-Crew that Nekfeu and his buddies invented (it is quite technical that one). Quite a fan of the signs of the hand, Nekfeu also has one to represent his collective L’Entourage. And this one is easier to do: “thumb and forefinger right angle” as his buddy Jazzy Bazz say in the sound “Young entrepreneurs” , and you will realize a L of all beauty. Gradur also has his little sign of the hand, which represents a G, just like Damso, with his V representing his gimmick Life. Finally, how can we not speak of the most famous hand sign of French rap? We obviously want to talk about Jul’s (which, in our opinion, has certainly reached the climax of his career with Chikita) . Two hands glued in the form of gun, And you proudly represent the most popular rapper of the moment. What is your favorite hand sign?