Kalash Criminel, Sofiane, Alonzo … Who will be featuring on Jul’s new album?

Entertainment 14 May, 2017

While the Marseille rapper announced that there would be featurings on his next album, melty made you a small list of the names that one could find there.
After unveiling his last free album during the month of March, Jul is preparing to rewrite with a new opus, paying this time. Planned for the month of June, we should very quickly discover what the rapper Marseille has reserved for this new burst of titles, since Jul’s new single is expected to be released on May 17. A first extract of a new album on which the rapper Marseille promised that we would find several people in featuring. “I want to tell you also that I have a lot to work on this album I put a lot of its good ptit featuring pepere!” He said on his latest Facebook post. Who collaborated with the rapper Marseille on this new opus? You have a small list of the names likely to be there.
The first obvious name is probably Kalash Criminel: Jul having posted a photo in the studio on which he is seen with Kalash Criminel in the studio , there is little doubt that they have collaborated together . Afterwards, nothing says that the piece will not be found more on the new project of the rapper of Sevran, rather than on the album of Jul. So to see. Otherwise, for the rest, these are only suppositions, but Sofiane, who recently passed a big up to the #teamJul in his piece “Maitre Ruben” , could well end up on this new opus, the two rappers not having Nothing incompatible, quite the contrary. Alonzo, Soprano and Hoos, the three Marseilles rappers who have collaborated several times with Jul, could answer present, As did Gradur, who had made a featuring with him on the piece “Gold and Platinum” . Otherwise, we are still waiting for his featuring with The Rat Luciano, which is planned for a long time, as well as the one with a great American singer, whom he had teased a long time ago, and of which we have never heard before … And What featuring would you like to see on Jul’s new album?