Kanye West, Coldplay, Diplo fans of Stromae … All these foreign stars who adulate Stromae

Entertainment 29 June, 2017

Stromae plays well beyond the borders of Europe. A short tour of the international stars who adulate the Belgian singer.
Stromae likes it and he knows it. With his album Racine Carrée released in 2013, he sold more than 2 million copies in France alone. In a few years, the young Belgian prodigy managed to seduce the whole world with his inimitable style. A few days ago, the band Coldplay took over the Formidable at a concert that the Belgian attended. An immense reward for the artist, who fought for having reached that point. Multi-rewarded, everyone now pulls him off to have a piece composed by him. The last one is Vitaa , who has been able to count on the unexpected support of the 32-year-old singer. Faced with this generosity, the greatest celebrities on the planet adore Stromae.
In 2015, Stromae performed on the prestigious scene of the Coachella Festival. And who better than Kanye West to share the spotlight? The American rapper did not hesitate to sing “So we dance” , a tube that he himself had remixed for the US market Lorde, who made a shocking entry to the Billboard 200 in the United States , also appreciates Much the singer. The two shared the song “Meltdown” on the soundtrack of the third installment of the Hunger Games saga, the class. Among his admirers, we can also mention Diplo, who dreams of collaborating with him . Moreover, Stromae made the clip “Run Up” of Major Lazer in which Nicki Minaj pushes the song. Finally Bebe Rexha even validated the interpreter of “Papaoutai” in an interview granted to melty. An incomparable success! What do you think ?