Kanye West does not know what he did!

Entertainment 15 December, 2016

Nothing goes to Kanye West! The rapper would have sent quite strange messages to his family and can no longer what it does …

The end of the year seems somewhat complicated for Kanye West. The rapper is in total breakdown and the situation does not seem to work out. If Kanye West seems to erupt without Kim Kardashian , it seems to be very angry against her husband. The meeting of the star with the future president of the United States, Donald Trump, has not passed. A divorce is there a provision for the most famous couples of American TV? In any case, a new element is not going to fix things. Kanye West does not seem to know what he does . His relatives said they had recently received very strange messages from the star. Should we really worry?

Kanye West has sent strange messages!
After admission of several days in the psychiatric ward of a hospital in Los Angeles, Kanye West is back on center stage. According to People website, some of his closest friends would concern different messages received by the star: “There were many inconsistencies in his speech and sent strange sms to a lot of people” . Later, we learned that Kanye West was not talking about things “dangerous, but he said anything. That’s why we love some Kanye West because sometimes he talks about things that fall to a whole new level. However, this time it was much more alarming ” . The interpreter of “Famous” it is a slippery slope? Anyway, we hope that 2017 will be a better year for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian . Fingers crossed for them!