Kanye West is working on a new album, exile at the top of a mountain

Entertainment 10 May, 2017

Kanye West will have done everything to her fans! The rapper is now reclusive at the top of a mountain to work on new songs.
He will always surprise us! When Kanye West left the social networks this week , everyone thought that a new album could be in preparation … And thanks to new details, it seems to be confirmed! Want to guess what the rapper’s latest fad? As TMZ reports, the American rapper has just reclined at the top of the mountains in Wyoming to find inspiration and work on new songs . What about his family? Kim Kardashian and their two children stayed in Los Angeles while the father of the family tries to develop his creative spirit while he reconnects with nature.
That would explain why Yeezy was absent from the latest social events where Kim Kardashian was seen as the Met Gala. We do not know exactly where Kanye West is, but in any case, it seems that he decided to live this new solo adventure! At the editorial of melty, it would not be surprising to see all his friends come to the next few weeks, once he has the basics of his new songs. Kanye West to the mountain, it must be huge! Will there be a new album by the end of 2017? This is what all fans hope for after the success of The Life Of Pablo . Meanwhile , Kendrick Lamar made a big comeback in the top albums of the week in France, Rap is therefore in good hands! Surprised by this news?