Kanye West psychiatric hospital, cancels tour

Entertainment 22 November, 2016

Kanye West was placed in a psychiatric hospital and was forced to cancel his entire tour.

kwestThe Kanye West’s condition is very worrying. Already, the singer, aware of his fragility, had postponed a planned show on 3 November. Sunday, he decided to go back on stage, thinking to have regained some strength. Yet after three songs: new cracking. He interrupted his show to push a rant on politics, also taking in the transition to Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook boss) Beyonce and Jay-Z .
His entourage worried about his mental health, have convinced him to go to UCLA hospital; center in which it is still currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.
His public attacks nerves could therefore be related to burnout experienced by the 39 year old artist. It fails to sleep and would be “addicted to work”, which can sometimes focus on missions for almost 48 hours without interruption. Stressed, it would also be “less predictable” and jealous of those who manage to get through as well as he. Always in the words of his relatives and publications Dailymail , this state would however “nothing to do with drugs.”
Also, as the light has not been made on his health, Kanye West will not go back on stage. The tour San Pablo, which continued to Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas also passing by Columbia until December 31st, so do not take place.