Kanye West: Released from the hospital, but under close surveillance

After 10 days in hospital in Los Angeles, Kanye West is finally able to go home. Doctors recommend him a lot of rest and calm.

kanye-west” Kanye is home with Kim and their children. He looks well and happy to be home. Kim’s family visits him , “said Wednesday a source close to the couple at the magazine website People . After ten days of hospitalization at the UCLA hospital in Los Angeles, the rapper was able to go home. But there is still closely monitored. ” Kanye will continue his treatment and will be followed to learn to manage stress. He must learn how to balance her work and family life. ”
An anonymous source reported to Entertainment Tonight that Kanye wanted to “go out as soon as possible to be able to go home to his family,” because her children were missing . The interpreter of Fade had no right to receive visits other than his wife . Children could be authorized under certain conditions, according to another source, North, 3 years Saint, 11 months were not given this opportunity.
According to TMZ, this Kanye West lead buggery is directly related to the death of his mother, Donda, there are seven. An informant told the US site that ” what triggered his depression, the death of Donda in November 2007. His funeral was on 20 November, the same day he canceled his concert at the LA Forum. The next day, November 21, Kanye has canceled the rest of his tour and made his attack a few hours later. Kanye has never really recovered from the death of his mother and has always resented the month of November, but this time it brought him to a critical stage. ”
A drama that Kanye West does not seem beyond reach. ” If I had not moved to Los Angeles, she would be alive ,” confided the husband of Kim Kardashian in an interview last year.
His public attacks nerves could also be related to burnout experienced by the artist, 39, says his side the Dailymail . It fails to sleep and would be ” addicted to work “, which can sometimes focus on missions for almost 48 hours without interruption. Stressed, in recent times there have been ” less predictable ” and jealous of those who manage to get through as well as he. Always in the words of his relatives and the British daily publications, this state does have ” nothing to do with drugs .”

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