Kanye West, Sia, Zayn: The 10 Best Clips of the Year

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

From Kanye West to Zayn via Sia, we’ve been spoiled level clips this year. But what are the 10 best? We have the answer!
2016 was a great vintage! While it was said to you a few hours only that Rihanna, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga offered us the best tours of 2016 , let us now to clips. Because we must admit that this year we were more than spoiled. Different styles, different inspirations, different scenarios. From the color to the mise-en-scène through the decorations, our favorite artists have given everything to offer us a 2016 cuvee of high quality. Here, we selected 10 clips that caught our attention (and yours)! # 10: Coldplay and “Up & Up” . Technical and visual prowess, the clip of Coldplay is a jewel that put stars in the eyes of millions of people. We ask for more! Bonus: the title is beautiful and to listen urgently. # 9: Zayn and “Pillowtalk” . For his big comeback, the former One Direction has seen things big. Overprints, 3D effects, black and white, blurry, content NSFW, the 23-year-old singer has earned his 657 million YouTube views.
# 8: Alicia Keys and “In Common” . More natural than ever, the interpreter of “Girl On Fire” has decided to change the situation this year … and she was right! His clip looks without moderation as it is good. And while Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber and Emilia Clarke are among the stars who shone in 2016 , other artists have continued to impress this year by their mastery of this very complex visual art that is the movie. # 7: Sia and “The Greatest” . Tribute to the victims of the homophobic massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, USA, on June 12, the clip is a new performance in the filmography of Sia and her sidekick Maddie Ziegler. We look, we listen, we adore, we share! # 6: Kanye West and “Famous” . Very controversial, this title has one of the most impressive clips of the year. Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Anna Wintour, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Ray J., Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner and Bill Cosby all together naked in a bed. Inspired by the painting of Vincent Desiderio Sleep, the video for “Famous” has not gone unnoticed on the Web!
# 5: Rihanna and Drake with “Work” . Because the 28-year-old Barbadienne does not do things halfway, she decided to offer not one but two clips to her fans, the Navys. Director X took care of the first part (or version) that is ultra sensual and censurable. The second part is the work of Tim Erem, the one who has the clip “Lean On” Major Lazer among others. Verdict: “Work” totals 806 million views at the time of writing. Real maker of tubes, Rihanna has just as Beyoncé and Drake one of the best singles of the year . # 4: A $ AP Mob and “Money Man / Put That On My Set” . In this short film of 12 minutes, the whole band of A $ AP Rocky is pleased in the dark streets of London. Shot in black and white, the clip is a tribute almost obvious the film La Haine by Mathieu Kassovitz. At melty, we love it! # 3: Beyoncé and “Training” . You were waiting for him, he is finally there! Returning for us to impress the mother of Blue Ivy has been busy in 2016. The first clip accompanying the release of Lemonade is proof: Beyoncé is proud of its origins and no longer afraid of s Politically. Finally available for everyone on YouTube, the clip has already been (re) seen more than 7 million times!
# 2: Booba and “Like other” . Available since 25 February, the sixth single from the album Nero Nemesis has a clip up to our expectations. In an environment that is reminiscent of the movie The Revenant (bear, snow, forest), Booba coward and his flow balance with admirable rage. But fans of the rapper are not without knowing that he has recently unveiled the video for “DKR” atmosphere where an elderly couple ! # 1: Dosseh and “Fuck period (feat Nekfeu)” . Removed from YouTube after a charge of plagiarism, the clip of the little brother of Pit Baccardi did not fail to make talk about him. And this probably because the words of the piece are what we heard most sincere this year. And you, what do you think of all these clips?