Kanye West: The Life of Pablo, why his successor will make a cardboard?

Entertainment 27 May, 2017

While the album The Life of Pablo continues to carton, Kanye West is back in the studio to prepare his successor. At melty, we think it will be his best record!
Your love is fadin ‘/ I feel it’s fadin’. This is what Ty Dolla Sign and Rare Earth repeat in a loop in the refrain of “Fade” , one of the big boxes of 2016 signed Kanye West. Third extract from the album The Life of Pablo , the clip of “Fade” was previewed at the MTV Video Music Awards . A ceremony marked among others by the medleys of Beyoncé and Rihanna. One of the other highlights of these VMAs? The return of Britney Spears for the promotion of her single “Make Me … ” And his album Glory . The MTV VMAs are a must -see for the summer , and may be marked by the return of Kanye West.
A retreat that can only do him good. Yes, remember last fall he was forced to cancel 21 dates of his tour the Saint Pablo Tour because of his psychotic crises related to his lack of sleep and state of advanced dehydration. The whole having apparently to do with the anniversary of the death of his mother … Out of the hospital on November 30, Kanye West is since very discreet. Moreover, we soon learned that he was back in the recording studio and was actively engaged in his music. Great news! While Rihanna could be back in 2017 with two new songs , Kanye West, he, also prepares her also her return. And he knows that this one will be much awaited. The specialized critics and its fans will scrutinize and try to analyze the slightest speech, the use of any sample. And at melty, we sincerely believe that the successor of The Life of Pablo has the potential to be his best record .
Why that ? Well, because Kanye West has reached a level of maturity that was not suspected. Avant-gardist, the 39-year-old rapper never ceased to impress us. With numbers, one can only gauge how impressive his career is. Six consecutive number-one albums in the US, 7 BET Awards, 4 Billboard Music Awards and 21 Grammy Awards for a total of 380 diverse nominations. And while Justin Bieber forgets the words of “Despacito” in full concert , Kanye West continues to intrigue. Beast of impressive scene, the rapper has a rage that can exorcise only live. No wonder then that at the beginning, the boy from Atlanta was compared to Eminem. Past his health problems and alleged financial problems, Kanye West can clearly lay one of the best records in the coming months. A mix of hip-hop and pop art , Kanye West was surrounded by Cashmere Cat, Chance the Rapper, Mike Dean and Swizz Beatz for The Life of Pablo .
An entourage that has allowed him to reach highs since his album is historically the first record to reach the top of the Billboard 200 only through his streaming plays. Moreover , 15 months after its release, The Life Of Pablo still appears in the Billboard 200 . This week, he is 82nd. On his successor, Kanye West should make us dream, cry and dance. Because if you were told recently which One Direction has the best solo career , Kanye West is ready to put our eyes full. As a reminder, it is not the first time that he flees social networks and the world to dedicate himself to his music. Currently on a mountain in Wyoming with his close associates, his retirement resembles that of ” He had undertaken before the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy . Inspired by his personal problems and the people who love him and surround him, we do not see what can stop Kanye West today. Finally, we are eager to reach his punchlines against the new President of the United States, Donald Trump. And you, what do you think of Kanye West?