Karin Viard and daughters: “They will soon leave home”

Entertainment 16 November, 2016

Serene and fulfilled mom, actress opens her heart on her two children, Simone and Marguerite.
emmanuelle-beart-karin-viard-et-ses-filIn his new film, the comedy The Little Tenant , Karin Viard plays a woman of 49 who becomes pregnant. During interviews, the actress of The Family Aries and 21 nights with Pattie does not avoid questions on the subject of motherhood. Mother of two daughters, Margaret (18) and Simone (16 years) , she says every time she would not for anything in the world to be pregnant again. Thus, in Télé Star , she said: ” I’m glad I had my children at a reasonable age I am 49 years, two daughters who will soon leave the house I still have things to live for.. myself . ”
However, it is not because Simone and Margaret are preparing for life she is delighted: ” Oh no, it does not make me happy at the same time, if the children want to leave, it ‘! is that we did a good job. So it is a healthy situation. But so far, that’s not why we well swallows the pill. ” What she wanted to convey to her daughters? “Never to depend on a man. Neither financially nor emotionally. To be their equal. And to respect yourself. If respect is not to destroy.”
Flushed, talented, serene, Karin Viard conquered France with its natural and benevolent charm. His private life seems to be as peaceful as his professional success. The mother is happy couple for over twenty-four years with Laurent Machuel , director of photography: ” This is the great surprise of my life And it’s also the most complicated relationship for me I!. I absolutely need it reassures me and calms me, but it is still difficult for me. Because I still have not found the user guide, things are living there without ceasing, to revisit, redefine to invent … “( Psychologies magazine ) a vision that has the couple that gives us even more desire to love.