Karine Ferri: her selfie flexibility in rehearsals for Dance with Stars

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

Karine Ferri post a picture of her, graceful and flexible, dance outfit alongside his binomial of Dancing with the Stars, Yann-Alrick Mortreuil.

She trains hard. Karine Ferri is full tour Dancing with the Stars and works every day to ensure the show. She posts today on Instagram a photo taken in rehearsal with her partner Yann-Alrick.
The host of he Voice dressed all in black wears beautiful cream color heeled ballet shoes. His acrobatic posture in the mirror shows the flexibility it has probably acquired during Season 7 of Dancing with the Stars . Yann-Alrick stands behind her crouching and makes a big smile for the picture. ” In rehearsing for my tour with Yann-Alrick partner, we hope to see you there ,” says she.
Accomplices, Karine Ferri and her partner get along like the fingers of the hand . Her husband, footballer Olympique Lyonnais Yoann Gourcuff does not mean jealous . She said in an interview to TV channels Large ” Our databases are healthy. And even if I have to share strong emotions, is to dance and it ends there . ”
The fourth round of Dancing with the Stars started since the first January weekend in Nantes. This year, Loïc Nottet, the winner of the 6 th edition does not accompany the merry band consists among other dancers Sylvie Tellier who has just returned from Guyana , Alizee or Laurent Maistret winner this year.