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Entertainment 16 January, 2018


Karine Le Marchand has not his tongue in his pocket. Invited on the set of Key not to my post on Monday 15 January, the facilitator wished to make things clear about the “revelations” of a magazine tv.

Monday, January 15, on the C8, a new debate has been launched by Cyril Hanouna in the show not Touch my position. The team wished to refer to the recent revelations of the magazine Télé Star about the salary of Elise Lucet – which would receive € 25 000 per month – a journalist ” intolerable and unable to receive an order “. Comments that have obviously annoyed the moderator lighthouse love is in the meadow. In the Face of Cyril Hanouna, Karine Le Marchand has pointed out that the information cited in the tabloids. She is back on the rumors that it would be too demanding during filming of the emissions of the M6 channel : “It is the same who said that I had fired an assistant because it was not the right brand of cottage cheese so that I am intolerant to lactose “, she started.

And the ex-partner of Lilian Thuram has not stopped there. It also held to target gossip magazines of today : “The press is going wrong and what kind of press shit it invents things and it hurts (…) We are reaching people for idiots “, she added.

This is not the first time that Karine Le Marchand has spoken out against the tabloids. The facilitator 49-year-old had already mentioned his weariness at the microphone of the radio Europe 1 in 2015 : “The press people I can’t stand ! I am a 20-trial two years ago. Stop searching the shit… Think of the children to the families… “

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Karine Le Marchand

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