Karine Le Marchand wants to receive Donald Trump on M6

Entertainment 27 December, 2016

In months Karine Le Marchand has received a lot of her with an intimate ambition . In 2017, the facilitator intends to continue her momentum and to do so, she does not lack ideas. She has revealed to our colleagues in the Republican Lorrain she would welcome Donald Trump on his show.

“I’ll still make friends.” In a video interview with the Républicain Lorrain , Karine Le Marchand beat his critics by announcing his plans for 2017. The facilitator trusts in effect in this interview she would like to ” Ambition intimate “with Donald Trump as a guest.” He has an incredible journey, she says. I am sure he introduced himself initially a bit for a joke and that his ambition came along with its success ” .
The French announcement of the preferred host also consider other guests in 2017. “Due to time constraints, I can not materially make a special primary to the left,” she says. But I do not want to drop the policy. We miss the winner of the left primary and Emmanuel Macron, I would like it to be part of another show. Invitations are issued. If they want to do it, all the better, if not, basta. ” Best friend Stéphane Plaza reveals also consider a special program with the government of the future president. ” I would do a show at the Elysée with the next government, she says. I think the French will want to quickly find those who lead them. ” The year 2017 therefore charged ad for” KLM “as that one will find the presentation of the twelfth season of love is in the pre on M6.