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Entertainment 17 January, 2018

Love is in the meadow

Facilitator’s flagship M6 channel, Karine Le Marchand, has revealed funny anecdotes live on the plateau of the Key not at my post. It would have already been approached by former farmers of The Love is in the meadow.

The new season of Love is in the meadow which is now launched on M6. Monday, January 15, Karine Le Marchand presented the first part of the portraits of the new farmers of this edition. It has now been seven years that the facilitator is at the helm of this issue of dating. Invited on the set of Key not at my post on C8 Monday, January 15, Karine Le Marchand has revealed a few anecdotes from filming. With his straight-talking, the ex-partner of Lilian Thuram has entrusted to us have already been coveted by ancient farmers : “there has already had… After, it depends upon whether it is oral or touch “, she started, in the face of Cyril Hanouna more and more curious : “What, there has been a bit sucks ? “, he asked. And the answer is not known wait : “Yes, there are a few that have a little groping. ”

A response somewhat surprising that left the audience and the commentators speechless. By the reaction of Cyril Hanouna, Karine Le Marchand gave more explanation : “Not but, nicely, ( … ) They even say in the portraits : ‘A like you, I would go’, or when they open the mail… But it is not going away “, she finally added, more seriously.

In any case, the show’s flagship M6 channel still attracts the viewers. In thirteen seasons, not less than forty babies were born of these unions, dozens of weddings have been celebrated and nearly 80 couples are formed. A beautiful success !

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Karine Le Marchand

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