Kate Hudson in partnership with Brad Pitt? His brother clashes the actor!

Entertainment 22 January, 2017

Is Kate Hudson Brad Pitt’s girlfriend? That’s the rumor. And while nobody expected it, the brother of the actress did not hesitate to tackle the actor!
In recent weeks, Brad Pitt is at the center of attention. Because the actor has recently divorced his wife Angelina Jolie after a long court battle. Impossible to miss out on so much the deal made a huge media buzz. The Brangelina couple tore through their lawyers to get custody of their six children. Fortunately, the tensions have subsided and the two celebrities are again on good terms. Good news for Brad Pitt who according to new rumors, is no longer a heart to take . The actor would have fallen for the lovely Kate Hudson, who might be the perfect girlfriend . And yet, confirmation is still waiting. But while nobody expected it, Oliver Hudson Clashe Brad Pitt in a message posted on Instagram . Under a picture of a magazine which says that the actor has moved in with Kate Hudson’s brother, the latter wrote : ! “Yeah, and it’s hell It’s so messy He drinks from the bottle And leaves the door open when he makes the big commission !! And all this happens when he’s at ME !!! ” But his statement does not stop there …
Visibly exasperated, Oliver Hudson did not go around the bush to speak of the arrival of Brad Pitt at his home. But contrary to what one might think, the actor who plays in the Scream Queens series which is also in danger of cancellation , is actually joking. Yes, you may have noticed but the rest of his message proves as it is hilarious : “He already called me ‘brother’ and has created tension between me and my real brother Wyatt now does He insists that my children call him ‘Uncle B’ and he lost the youngest at the Santa Monica Pier for 2 days.Thanks my God for the kidnapping alert device. An offbeat comment that does not go unnoticed . But that’s not all ! In the end, the brother of Kate Hudson concluded by: !. “My mother flirts openly with him She wears nighties every day, one to 15h And my father said nothing but ‘all right, it’ Is Brad Pitt !! ‘ Well, BP, it’s about time you moved in. I need to get my life back, guy. A totally wacky post that is likely to provoke many reactions. And what do you think of Oliver Hudson’s message?