Kate Hudson Pregnant Brad Pitt? She unveils her baby bump

Will Brad Pitt be Dad for the 7th time? Her supposed girlfriend recently exposed a little baby bump!
For several months, many rumors affirm that Brad Pitt would be in couple with Kate Hudson . If some hoped that the two actors would appear side by side on the red carpet of the Oscars 2017, the ex of Angelina Jolie did not show during the ceremony while it was devoting to its new great passion, the sculpture. But if Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson have still not confirmed or denied being a couple, that does not mean they do not have a relationship. Their romance could take a whole new dimension! While rumors Kate Hudson might be pregnant, her friends would have confirmed that the actress was waiting for a happy event and that ”
Recently, the supposed girlfriend Brad Pitt was spotted during an exit and actually seemed to sport a small round belly as can be seen HERE ! If the actress usually has a well-toned and flat stomach, a baby bump appeared to appear under her ample dress . “Kate did not hide the fact that she is desperate to have a baby with Brad ,” said a friend of the star at New Idea. “It definitely hides good news.” , he added. The source adds that Kate Hudson recently dropped the alcohol, which would confirm the suspicions of pregnancy. Although Brad Pitt is already the father of six children he was happy and relieved to find, The publication reports that he is ” delighted ” at the idea of ​​this new baby. For her part, Angelina Jolie would have found love and would like to move to London. And, in your opinion, is Kate Hudson really pregnant with Brad Pitt?

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