Kate Middleton: A Future Queen in Simplicity

Entertainment 15 May, 2017

It’s almost impossible to hate Kate Middleton! Even before being officially the wife of Prince William, she was adored by the public and her simplicity is one of her strong points.
While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge celebrated their wedding anniversary last week, could a third baby be scheduled for Kate Middleton and Prince William? It was in any case the rumor of the week! After George and Charlotte, England could welcome a third royal baby but it may not be for now. With the announcement of the retreat of Prince Philip, Kate and William will face new responsibilities and most certainly prepare even more for the day when the Queen will also retire and give them the throne. In any case, nobody misses an event involving Kate Middleton, Prince William or even Prince Harry even the three sets. If Kate Middleton is popular with the English public and around the world, one of her strengths is that of simplicity! She proved it again this weekend at an event at Buckingham Palace.
If her love story with Prince William makes many people dream, Kate Middleton quickly found her place within the royal family but also the public. His kindness, beauty, dedication and simplicity are qualities that are appreciated. Even on the day of her wedding, Kate Middleton was able to prove this simplicity by making her make-up herself, without help. The Duchess of Cambridge is far from being a royal head very “bling bling”, far from it. During her official outings, her outfits are always very elegant and classy but she does not spend millions in her clothes. A fact that was once again noticed and raised this weekend when Prince Harry and Prince William and his wife gave a small party to the palace in the ‘ Orphan children whose parents are military. For the occasion, Kate Middleton had handed a dress she had previously worn during a visit to Canada . She also wore a pair of shoes very fashionable for the summer and that one can find at the price of about 20 euros on sale or 80 of the brand Monsoon . A lower price compared to what a personality of his rank could carry! One can say that Kate Middleton does not forget where she comes from and that she appears as a future Queen perfectly close to her audience! In a few weeks, the eyes of the whole world will be focused on the marriage of Pippa Middleton where unfortunately Kate will not be his maid of honor .