Kate Middleton: A remarkable look change at Wimbledon

Entertainment 7 July, 2017

Kate Middleton surprised all her fans by appearing with a brand new look at the Wimbledon tournament! Immediately discover the images.

At the opening of the Wimbledon tournament, a host of stars was present. Of course, Kate Middleton, who hired a special nanny for Prince George, would have missed it for nothing. During this event, the Duchess of Cambridge attracted all attention. If it becomes a habit for the young woman to arouse all the attentions, this time it was for a completely different reason. Yeah, Kate Middleton, known for having a dream hair, surprised everyone by appearing with a new look and a new haircut. Discover without clichés!

Since she was with Prince William, Kate Middleton never really changed her cut and her hair length was almost identical. However, at the opening of the Wimbledon tournament, the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted with a much shorter cut. To discover the photos, click HERE. One thing is certain, that this change suits him admirably. Kate Middleton is always sublime and embodies the incarnated class. To accompany his new cut, the wife of Prince William had opted for a dress made to measure, signed Dolce & Gabbana. It is a success ! While waiting to discover new photos of Kate Middleton, come test your knowledge about its differences with Pippa Middleton!