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Entertainment 13 December, 2017


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Ambassador, a humanitarian, Lady Diana was famous for his commitment to the service of the weakest. Today, Kate Middleton is continuing this tradition by advocating for great causes.

It is a flattering reference to the duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton and Diana share the same willingness to help one another and use their popularity to change things. The british channel BBC will broadcast Thursday, December 14, a show that was filmed on the 6th of December : the mother of George and Charlotte was awarded a distinction that is very special to her commitment to mental health. Kensington palace has unveiled a few images in before-first on Twitter.

Kate Middleton and William of England have in fact been recently rewarded for their commitment to mental health. She and her husband were awarded the badge Gold Blue Peter, a reward of the show Blue Peter, produced by the BBC who had hailed them in battle. “A change is taking place and, with a bit of luck, we are going to solve a problem that should have been solved since a long time,”had confided the prince William while his wife confessed that the mental health had been the subject of a “long learning process” for them.

On Tuesday last, the wife of prince William had visited the london borough of North Kensington in order to highlight the work of the Rugby Portobello, an association that provides assistance to mothers, babies and young children by offering activities and educational workshops. Pregnant with her third child, the duchess of Cambridge was at the meeting of the parents of the network Magic Mums. She took the time to help volunteers prepare for the festivities organised on this day. Kate Middleton has itself ensured the distribution of Christmas gifts to the child.

A way for Kate Middleton to continue the tradition of the princess of Wales that we remember the commitment in the fight against aids and the prohibition of the use of anti-personnel mines. In December 1996, she received the humanitarian award of the year. On his side, Meghan Markle also walks in the footsteps of Lady Di, but for another reason : his biography will be written by the famous biographer of the princess of Wales, Andrew Morton.

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