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Entertainment 23 August, 2017


In the royal family, we love so much to keep the tapes, photographs and pieces of cake that are reminiscent of the big ceremonies, birthdays, anniversaries or weddings. It is the case today for the cake of Kate Middleton and prince William auctioned for the good cause.

At Buckingham Palace, the units of cake are sacred. In fact, when they are not eaten by the queen or other members of the royal family, these are kept for other uses. As the famous dessert of the wedding of princess Diana with prince Charles, for example, since it is now in the hands of the collector, John Hoatson, although he has a ” bad look ” in his cardboard.

Today, it is the royal couple formed by prince William and Kate Middleton, which proposes to get a share of the iconic play rise of his marriage. The fans, remembering the ceremony in April 2011, will need to get it to wait a month. By then, according to the site Hollywood Life, they will be able to participate in an auction for the good cause within the Chiswick Auction in London. Prices could soar : if the cake is estimated at 800£ (867€), it is possible for it to be eventually sold ten times more expensive.

This auction will be the opportunity to take a risk and have a wine tasting, or just come to admire the minute details on the dough of the cake : the roses in sugar, or mouldings that are reminiscent of the sculptures on plaster. The artist is the author of the cake, the famous cake-maker ” british Fiona Cairns, should rejoice in this success. But the buyers take care not to drop the object. This dessert the zest of orange had asked the baker about 5 weeks of work, assembly parts including, prior to delivery. The whole world is not celebrating her six-year marriage of the sort!”

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