Kate Middleton and Prince William married for 6 years, back on their story

Entertainment 29 April, 2017

6 years already that the royal couple most in vogue has united for the best and the worst after many years of romance hidden in the eyes of all. Back on a story worthy of a fairy tale that makes the whole world dream!
April 29 is a great day for the royal family and especially for Kate Middleton and Prince William … Six years ago, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said “yes” to Westminster Abbey under the Eyes of the whole world. It is their wedding in Cyprus that Kate and William are celebrating today for their 6 years of marriage and it can be said that even after so many years, their history still makes as much dream. A real fairy tale. We all remember the shy but cute kiss of the royal couple on the balcony of Buckingham Palace who had then begun the fact that Kate and William would mark the British monarchy in their own way. But not only … Between the make-up of Kate Middleton that had been done by herself,
Before their 6 years of marriage, it’s almost 10 years of romance that precedes this great day for Kate and William . While the two lovebirds met at St Andrews University, it was in 2003 that they began to come together before the first rumors of a real romance fall in 2005 at the graduation ceremony . If a little time wasted in their relationship in 2007, it was fortunately been for a short time! It’s not because we’re living a fairy tale that we avoid the ups and downs … During all this time and even though Kate Middleton was seeing more and more important events for Prince Williams, The lovers never really formalized their relationship, even when they moved in together.
Almost a year and a half after their official union, in December 2012 the royal couple announced the arrival of the very first royal baby and it was in July 2013 that the family welcomed little Prince George! Who has not cracked before the boil of little George, is impossible. One year later, Kate Middleton revealed that she was expecting a second child and gave birth in May 2015 to little Charlotte. A family that is as simple as royal and makes the whole world dream. If some rumors suggested that Kate and William had been cold for some time, the couple seems more happy than ever and Kate Middleton would even be determined to have a third child ! Third royal baby is coming? A happy event, It should not be missed. If the story of Kate and William makes dream, the couple seems to decide to mark the story by displaying themselves as the modern royal heads of their generation and that, we validate! A happy sixth anniversary of marriage to the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge! What do you think of the couple Kate Middleton / Prince William?