Kate Middleton and Prince William more in love than ever in Wimbledon

Entertainment 18 July, 2017

Kate Middleton and Prince William attended the final of the Wimbledon Tournament this weekend. The couple showed more love than ever in the stands!

Kate Middleton is a big fan of Roger Federer and the Wimbledon Tournament. The Duchess of Cambridge could not miss the grand finale of yesterday, Sunday 16 July 2017, which pitted the Swiss player against the Croatian, Cilic. Prince George’s mother and Princess Charlotte had a blast in this duel and also had a smile when her favorite won her 19th Grand Slam. In addition, she was accompanied by her husband, Prince William. Recently, you were shown why he and Kate Middleton rarely showed their affection in public. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge preferred to remain professional during their many appearances. However, this Sunday, Kate Middleton and Prince William seemed more in love than ever.

Since their marriage in 2011, the tender gestures between the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge in public are counted on the fingers of a hand. However, Kate Middleton and Prince William were very close and very accomplices in the Wimbledon final as can be seen HERE. The mother of Prince George and Princess Charlotte was notably seen caressing tenderly the cheek of her husband, a mark of affection banal but so rare for the couple. If at the beginning of the year there were rumors that Kate Middleton and Prince William were cold, the two lovers swept them away. The Duchess of Cambridge also made a lot of talk about her as she appeared in a white floral print dress. Prince William wore a gray blazer, shirt and tie. The couple was very stylish and attracted all eyes to Wimbledon.