Kate Middleton and Prince William move to London!

Entertainment 22 January, 2017

2017 announces some small changes in the habits of the royal family. Kate Middleton, Prince William as well as the two royal babies will move to the British capital!
Who says New Year, also says changes to the appointment! And of course, the royal family does not miss that, far from it. One wonders what the Duchess of Cambridge will reserve us as glamorous moments during this new year. Or maybe a third royal baby to come? Besides, Kate Middleton celebrated her 35 years a few days ago, discover his shameful secrets for her birthday! If Kate Middleton and Prince William want to raise George and Charlotte in the most normal way possible and far from the obligations of royalty, at least as much as possible, the two royal babies will have to get used to city life and more To country life! But why? Goodbye Norfolk and hello London, the royal family is moving!
This fall, Kate Middleton, Prince William and George and Charlotte will say goodbye to their home in Norfolk in which they live practically forever to integrate the Palace of Kensington . A special reason to this sudden change? The statement revealed about it, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would like to invest more in their roles and in their responsibilities: “Their Majesties loved the time they spent in Norfolk and this will continue to be their But since this autumn the Duke and the Duchess will bring their family back to Kensington Palace, as in recent years their majesties want to invest even more in their royal duties alongside the Queen and their charitable works this will require more time in London ” . Of course, Charlotte and George follow their parents in the capital and will now go to schools in London, including “Wetherby Pre-Preparatory School” for George, you can find the most cute pictures in 2016 , a school where the Prince William and Prince Harry were educated. The husband of Kate Middleton will terminate its pilot activities alongside the “East Anglia Air Ambulance” this summer. Great change for the royal family! What do you think of this change of residence?