Kate Middleton and Prince William: Prince Harry makes an amazing revelation about the royal family

Entertainment 22 June, 2017

During an interview confessions to the American press, Prince Harry made surprising statements about the royal family!
Right now, everything seems to be going well for Prince Harry’s life . If he always meets his princely obligations and respects the different protocols to the letter, he also benefits from his private life. In a couple with the actress Meghan Markle for several months, the young man seems to spin the perfect love. For proof, according to the latest information on the Web, the brother of the Duke of Cambridge would seriously consider the idea of ​​founding a family with his girlfriend. In any case, the rumors of engagement are more and more present around their idyll and the fans are waiting for one and only thing: the officialization. Until this happens, Prince Harry is pursuing this pretty, discreet relationship that suits him perfectly. The reason ? Whether for his romance or his professional projects, the beautiful 32-year-old redhead aspires to a normal life and he is not alone! His new revelation about the royal family is likely to surprise more than one …
Interviewed by Newsweek magazine , Prince Harry, who has just offered an incredible ring to Meghan Markle , did not hesitate to reveal that no one in the royal family wanted to succeed the Queen of England . “Is there anyone who wants to be king or queen? I do not think so,” he explained. Statements which have not failed to elicit strong reactions from Internet users. They can rest assured, the young man who is in 5th position to the throne after Prince Charles , the Prince William and his children George and Charlotte , quickly added: ” Nevertheless, we will do our duty at the right time. We are modernizing the British monarchy. We do not do it for ourselves but for the well-being of the inhabitants. I think the world still needs this ‘magic’ about the royal clan and we will continue to share this positive atmosphere established by the Queen during his 60 year reign. ” A promise which should certainly be held. Are Astonished by these revelations?