Kate Middleton and Prince William: Rumors of pregnancy revived!

Entertainment 23 June, 2017

Yes, it’s gone! The rumors about a third pregnancy of Kate Middleton resurface. Discover the latest details!
Kate Middleton, who created the buzz for a hilarious reason , lives a true fairy tale. Married to Prince William for six years, they are the happy parents of two adorable children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The couple is in everyone’s mind and makes thousands or even millions of people dream. In recent days, Kate Middleton and Prince William are again at the heart of many rumors . According to these reports, the Duchess of Cambridge would be pregnant with her third child. Certainly, we heard it a few months ago, but is this really the case this time? Discover all the latest details!
More pregnancy rumors! Would a royal baby be on the way? According to the website Life & Style , Kate Middleton would wait for her third child. A royal member revealed to them: “Kate is delighted and William dies to say it to all his friends and family.” Rumors began to emerge when Kate Middleton appeared with a small can on June 12 during a visit to King’s College Hospital. The royal couple would have decided to keep this happy news hidden as long as possible. The source added, “William does not want his wife to exaggerate things, he told him to go slowly and relax, William is very protective of Kate.