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Entertainment 14 January, 2018


William of England and his wife Kate Middleton have always trusted the talent of the photographer Mario Testino. The professional is now accused of sexual harassment.

It is a new scandal that broke out. After the case of Harvey Weinstein that splashes on to the middle of the seventh art, the New York Times has this time published a article that will create an earthquake in the world of fashion. Mario Testino, one of the photographers most famous is accused by thirteen men of sexual harassment. The professional is notably known for having signed the official photo of the engagement of prince William and Kate Middleton.

“It was a sexual predator,” says Ryan Locke, one of the supermodels of the 90’s. The man tells a photo session for that Mario Testino would have made everyone out of the room to take advantage of the situation. ” I’m the girl, you’re the boy ” would have said the photographer, throwing in on him. For his part, Hugo Tillman, a former assistant of the professional, ensures that Testino has tried to embrace her strength after a dinner.

The testimonies together and look the same. Novel Barrett, an assistant of the accused, explains that Mario Testino has rubbed on her leg and masturbated in front of him. ” The sexual harassment was a constant “ summarizes-t-it. Another victim, the male model Jason Fedele, describes the usual method of the photographer : “If you want to work with Testino, you may need to do a photo shoot of naked at the Chateau Marmont. Everyone knew and it was something that could explode your career, ” says the model for the american newspaper.

In 2014, Mario Testino had made the official portrait of William of England and duchess of Cambridge. A shot that had the joy of Vanity Fair and allowed the photographer to sit a little more his reputation. The man, the official photographer of Kate Moss, had also been invited to the wedding of prince William and Kate Middleton in April 2011.

A reference in the world of photography, Mario Testino had previously worked for the british royal family at the request of Kensington Palace. He made portraits of princess Diana. After 40 years of working for large fashion houses, and photographs taken for magazines, the most prestigious award, the photographer of the 63-year-old finds himself in a turmoil outside the norm.

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