Kate Middleton and Prince William: Why do not they show their affection in public?

Entertainment 28 May, 2017

Kate Middleton and Prince William hardly ever display the affection they have towards each other! But why ?
Recently, you were told that Kate Middleton had made a very special gift to her sister . The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband attended the wedding of Pippa and James Matthews last weekend. When Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011, she entered a totally new territory involving public outings and a closely monitored protocol. With all that she gained as Duchess of Cambridge, it seemed that one of the things that Kate Middleton lost is the freedom to show her love with her husband. While we have seen the couple together on official outings, hugs, kisses or any other signs of affection between the two spouses are very rare . We saw them kiss three times, Including twice during their marriage. But why can not Kate Middleton and Prince William show their love?
One might think that the two lovers follow a royal protocol to the letter, but contrary to popular belief, there is no formal rule that discourages the couple from showing their affection. Since Kate Middleton and Prince William are “active representatives of the British Monarchy”, they simply prefer to remain professional in their public outings and obligations. It is also a good way to keep their privacy separate from their public figures and an attempt to avoid any speculation about their couple. However, despite all this, Kate Middleton and Prince William recently had to face rumors that the couple was in cold . However, rest assured, It would seem that everything would go well between the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge . And what do you think about the modesty of Kate Middleton and Prince William?