Kate Middleton asks the Queen to meddle in her affairs

Entertainment 25 January, 2017

Annoyed by the Queen, Kate Middleton handed Elizabeth II to her place and asked her to meddle in her affairs!

Relations between Kate Middleton and Queen have always been strained and many rumors about their disagreement. The latest? Kate Middleton would have asked Elizabeth II to meddle in her affairs! Melty.fr explains you. After the sexual scandal of Prince Andrew who had a relationship with a minor, the Duchess of Cambridge took the opportunity to put the Queen back in her place and asked her to stop meddling in the affairs of others, To relocate to Amner Hall after the birth of his second child. The royal couple would like to move away from the tumult of Kensington and would like to raise their children in a peaceful atmosphere. Moreover, she and William will no longer be obliged to respect all their royal engagements and to work all the time. Remember, as his health weakened him, Kate Middleton was obliged by Queen Elizabeth to return to the front of the stage !

While Kate Middleton and Prince William will be made at the Christmas lunch of the Queen of England , tensions persist between the two women and their differences are not new. Elizabeth II would have always struggled to bear the mother of little George, whom she does not hesitate to criticize openly. She even went so far as to assimilate her to a commoner because of her too daring clothing choices, her idea of ​​her child’s education or the expenses she incurs. A source of sovereignty even said that: “. The behavior of Kate has similarities to that of Diana at the time and it does not please the Queen” What do you think of Kate’s behavior?