Kate Middleton: At 7, she played the models in an advertisement

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

A retro photograph of the Duchess of Cambridge was posted on the web by her mother, Carole. The young Kate plays the models for the family business.

The Duchess of Cambridge, as you have never seen her before.
For 30 years his company specializing in party accessories for children, Party Pieces, the mother of Kate Middleton has emerged cartons an old black and white and posted it on its website. Carole Middleton, with a smile, is surrounded by children dressed in masks and party hats. Among them, the young Kate, then aged seven. Straight to the side of her mother, she blows with application in a whistle without discomfort.
Taken in 1989, the cliché is advertising office for the company created two years ago by Carole Middleton, a former air hostess of British Airways . From a small family business managed from the cabin of the garden, Party Piece quickly became a thriving company . It currently employs forty people and can send up to four thousand orders in a week.
A success that Carole Middleton thank his son James and daughters Kate and Pippa . “My children have played an important role, models for the catalog designers for the brand” , she wrote. Kate did not just play the top models for her mother: she launched the accessories collection for the first birthdays. Party Pieces blows her thirty candles today, and it’s a little thanks to her.