Kate Middleton back to the BAFTA’s 2017?

Entertainment 25 January, 2017

Prince William is not going to be happy. His wife, Kate Middelton, could be relegated to the prestigious evening of the BFTA’s 2017.
The British royal family has been under the spotlight for a few hours. Yes, if we learned that Kate Middleton and Prince William were going to move to London , a lovely old video of the Duchess of Cambridge resurfaced. She was discovered a few years before, accompanied by her sista, Pippa Middleton. The two girls are so cute together. Today, it is an entirely different subject that makes controversy. In several weeks, the prestigious BAFTA’s evening in 2017 will soon take place . This year, Prince William is the honorary president of the ceremony. But then the Duke of Cambridge received a note telling him not to come with his wife. The beautiful Kate Middleton she will be readjusted BAFTA’s 2017?
Unfortunately, there is a good chance that this will happen. Yes, we learn by the Daily Mail and The Sun that Prince William did not like the direction given by the festival organizers. They would have asked the Duke of Cambridge Kate Middleton go without because it “could overshadow the nominated actresses like Emily Blunt and Naomi Harris” . Prince William, who has occupied the seat of president for more than six years, would not agree with this idea and intends to come accompanied by his dear and tender. A few hours after this announcement, a statement from the organizers of BAFTA’s has been published to dismiss the case. So, Kate Middleton, who turned 35 this month, she will present the big night? To be continued …