Kate Middleton creates controversy at Buckingham Palace

Entertainment 16 May, 2017

Poor Kate Middleton! The Duchess of Cambridge created controversy this weekend in London and the reason is rather amazing!
Kate Middleton is a future Queen in simplicity that is all the rage . The Duchess of Cambridge is very much appreciated by the British but also by the whole world. However, he sometimes also occasionally create controversy. Recently, Kate Middleton attended a children’s party held at Buckingham Palace in London. This event was organized for the 850 children of soldiers who died in the armed forces alongside Prince William and Prince Harry. If the Duchess of Cambridge had a good time with all these children, she did create controversy . Why ? Well simply because of its outfit! If Kate Middleton is known for her keen sense of style, she once again recycled one of her outfits and it did not really rain.
Recently, the absolutely crazy cost of Kate Middleton’s wardrobe was unveiled . However, the young woman remains faithful to her reputation as “Royal Recycler” . This weekend, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a cream dress, signed Chloé, which she already wore on her visit to Canada in 2016. If the Duchess of Cambridge was very elegant, her outfit did not do it at all unanimously. Her dress split the net surfers but what most shocked them is that Kate Middleton had decided to accessorize her dress with Monsoon wedges . For some it was a lack of taste, for others the complete outfit was inappropriate for the event. Recently, It was his skirt that had also made talk during his visit to Luxembourg. Definitely, Kate Middleton’s wardrobe will never stop talking! And you, what do you think about Kate Middleton’s outfit?