Kate Middleton criticized for her children’s education

Entertainment 26 May, 2017

Kate Middleton is at the heart of a scandal in spite of herself and it concerns the education of her children. Find out all the details immediately.
Kate Middleton is one of the most watched people in the world . His smallest acts and gestures are reported and analyzed. Becoming a public figure since she married Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge attracts all attention. Obviously, the most jealous and haters always manage to find a small flaw that would go unnoticed for most of us. This is what happened once again at the wedding of his sister, Pippa Middleton, whose details of the ceremony were unveiled . The young woman was criticized for the education of her children, especially Prince George. What did his son do to attract the wrath of his mother? Discover it immediately!
At the wedding of Pippa Middleton, Prince George was spotted standing in a moving car , by paparazzi. Immediately, bad comments circulated, including the fact that Kate Middleton’s son was not fastened by a seat belt. It should be noted that the vehicle was traveling on a private road, where no other car was nearby. Of course, this gesture was perhaps not the most cautious, but it must be remembered that Kate Middleton is a mother like the others. She is by no means a bad mother and always favors the well-being of her children! And you what do you think ?