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Entertainment 16 August, 2017


It is written black on white in the code of conduct of the british monarchy, no member of the reigning family must not sign autographs ; Kate Middleton clearly no exception to this rule. Find out why the duchess of Cambridge can play in the pen with his fans.

Not an official release without that Kate Middleton appears holding his wallet between his two hands as if she feared it flies. A look signature Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette – school located in New York, where one learns the social etiquette and protocol trade – had revealed the meaning in the beginning of the year in the columns of the magazine Good Housekeeping. This specialist of royal etiquette explained that ” if the duchess during the event in public, holds her bag as well, it is simply to give an excuse for not offering his hand to everyone “, adding that meeting with hundreds of person, if she started to shake hands, it would not do more than that and we don’t know what might happen sometimes “.


The subjects of the queen, who, in a strict application of the royal protocol, should not be authorized to reach out to the kingship ; but the fervor in the regard of the ruling family is such in the uk that flirt with the protocol has become the standard. Also some fans even go so far as to solicit autographs. Error ! Because this application will remain no matter what happens, a dead letter. In effect as required by the code of conduct of the british monarchy, it is strictly forbidden, for Kate, William and Harry, and others, to scribble, sign, affix any signature out official document pre-authorized by the queen in person.


For the simple and good reason to avoid any risk of forgery of their signature. Only the prince Harry dérogea in 2010 to the protocol by signing “Charles 2010” on one of his portraits that he was handed a victim of flooding. Missing of practice, the companion of Meghan Markle had even apologized for his “hand shaking ” ; due to the fact that he had never written stand up…


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