Kate Middleton furious against Prince William, she makes a radical decision!

Entertainment 1 April, 2017

While Kate Middleton and Prince William seemed to be spinning the perfect love, it would be nothing! The Duchess of Cambridge would have even taken an astonishing decision.
Let’s face it, the atmosphere is squarely stretched among celebrities. Whether it is Kris Jenner who does everything to break the friendship of Rob Kardashian and Tyga or Justin Bieber who is accused of a crime in Brazil , nothing goes! And if the American stars are at the center of all the attention, on the side of England , it is also the case. You are not unaware that for a few weeks, a crazy rumor ignites the Web. That suggests that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her third child. Yes, you read it right. According to revelations from a source at Star Magazine , The Duchess of Cambridge would have even informed the royal family of her future pregnancy. Information to be taken with tweezers especially when we know that at the moment, the good agreement would not really go to the appointment between the two lovebirds …
To understand the case, we must go back to mid-March when the Prince William flew to Switzerland . Remember, during his stay in Verbier’s hip ski resort , he had been spotted in the company of an Australian model before going hugging the dancefloor of a nightclub. A situation that would not have liked Kate Middleton . Moreover, the mother of George and Charlotte would have taken a radical decision: to prohibit her husband to travel alone! “It ‘s Kate who wears the panties at home and she was furious when she saw the photos, so these stays between men are now part of the past , The National Enquirer . And if the American tabloid is certain of his info, on the side of Gossip Cop , the latter were quickly denied. Anyway, one thing is for sure, love is complicated. Just like celibacy … The evidence with Bella Hadid that besides depressing, can not forget her ex The Weeknd. And do you think there are tensions between Kate Middleton and Prince William?