Kate Middleton: George and Charlotte, she does not want to part with them!

Entertainment 3 July, 2017

Being away from her children? Never ! In a few days, Kate Middleton and Prince William will go on the roads and they do not want to be separated from their children, George and Charlotte

The Duchess of Cambridge is currently attending the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. Moreover, the wife of Prince William simply made a sensation in his white dress with weight. Once again, all eyes are turned towards her. Great tennis enthusiast, Kate Middleton, pregnant at the time, made an unexpected confession. While she was about to give birth to Prince George in 2003, she had done everything to attend the tournament. However, it could have put his health at risk. Today, Kate Middleton is the happy mother of two children, George and Charlotte, and she does not want to leave them. The heirs of the British royal family will soon fly for a family trip …

As every summer, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge fly to several destinations for their official tour. This year, Kate Middleton and Prince William decided to take their little pieces of cabbage with them. So it is in Germany and then in Poland that we can find Prince George and the adorable Charlotte. The British royal couple and their children will be on the road between 17 and 21 July and will visit the cities of Warsaw, Gdansk, Berlin and Hamburg. But then, will the special nanny of Prince George, recently engaged by Kate Middleton for her son, be part of the party? Business to follow! In any case, they will be back in England in time to celebrate (already) the 4 years of Prince George.