Kate Middleton: George and Charlotte, the Christmas stars 2016

Entertainment 26 December, 2016

For Christmas, the little royal family decided to break the traditions. And even in the middle of the English countryside, George and Charlotte are all the rage … Discover how!
If Christmas is a time that is expected throughout the year and with even more impatience as the month of December is fast approaching, it is unfortunately also two small days that go at a crazy pace. Christmas 2016 is already the end! Leave room for the new year in a few short days … Anyway this year, there are a couple that broke the traditions: Kate Middleton, George, Charlotte and Prince William were absent from the famous Royal Christmas meal . But why? The royal couple decided this year to enjoy the family of Kate but also to enjoy the bride and groom, Pippa Middleton and her fiancé! And then escape from the everyday royal does not hurt from time to time, especially for two “royal babies” , a very important fact for Kate and William who want to form a family as “normal” as possible. In any case, George and Charlotte were once again all the rage in Bucklebury!
Besides the famous family meal with the family of the Duchess of Cambridge, George, Charlotte and their parents went to the Christmas Mass this SundayBesides the famous family meal with the family of the Duchess of Cambridge, Georges, Charlotte and their parents went to the Christmas mass on Sunday! Of course, the photographers were waiting for you and they have once again immortalized both “royal babies” in their utter cuteness. And once again, little George made everyone crack … As they were leaving the church, the two royal children appeared with a sugar cane in their hands. Candy that George did not delay to attack in front of the lens of the photographers and it is to crunch! But this little moment was not the only one to make a cardboard, the mantle of the young prince made fury! Whether the clothes Kate Middleton or one of the children, immediately brought immediately purchased by admirers of the royal family. And this is again the case with the long gray coat that little George was again sold like hotcakes and landed out of stock just hours after the dissemination of clichés … Really, George And Charlotte are actually small starlets and trend launchers! Did you know that Kate Middleton had already said “yes” to Prince William in his 13 years ? And what have you done for Christmas?