Kate Middleton: Her sister Pippa copies her to Wimbledon

Entertainment 13 July, 2017

Pippa Middleton often takes an example on her older sister, Kate. Recently at Wimbledon, she simply copied the Duchess of Cambridge!

Some time ago, it was revealed to you that Pippa Middleton frequently took an example of her sister Kate. The Duchess of Cambridge is a true inspiration for many women around the world and her family members are not exceptions to the rule. If Kate Middleton is a big fan of tennis and never misses the big tournament of Wimbledon, it is his sister that we could also see in the stands of the tennis competition. The Duchess of Cambridge is always unanimous when it comes to her style because she has an innate sense of fashion. So, Pippa Middleton did not hesitate to copy her sister! If Prince William’s wife made a sensation with her new hairstyle, this week it was Pippa Middleton who turned the heads with a look strangely similar to those worn by her sister.

Not long ago, Pippa Middleton was shadowing her best friend at the latter’s wedding but her dress had not really convinced the fashion experts. Thus, for her new release to Wimbledon, the young woman preferred to opt for a sure value by taking example on her famous sister, the Duchess of Cambridge. James Matthews’s wife had chosen a pale green, light-colored noon dress, stripped of her shoulders, which she associated with pretty white sandals as can be seen here. Kate Middleton is also a fan of pastel colors, fluids and parts leaving the shoulders visible. Pippa Middleton did well to take inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge because this time, her dress attracted admiration. Bravo Pippa!