Kate Middleton: his incredible gesture for a mom in tears

Entertainment 23 November, 2016

With her husband William, she will one day rule England. As spontaneous as his stepmother Diana, who died there nearly 20 years, Kate Middleton already rules the hearts, through his sense of touch and generous attention …

katesipaouvA princess of hearts is dead, long live the new princess of hearts! The world still remembers the spontaneous impulses and gestures of affection for Diana for AIDS or victims of landmines. Nearly twenty years after his tragic death under the Alma bridge in Paris, the wife of his son William, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and future Queen of England, not afraid nor out of his reserve.
Godmother Place2Be, combination accompanying tuition over 75,000 children with mental health problems in the United Kingdom, the young mother of the clan Windsor is surprisingly distinguished in the delivery of Place2Be Wellbeing in Schools Awards , prizes for the profiles most deserving, Tuesday, November 22 at the residence of the Lord Mayor of London.
Soberly dressed in a long black dress Preen scratched and simply adorned with diamond chandelier earrings, Kate was able to recall in an inspired speech, the need to combat the stigmatization of disabled children , the harassment they may be victims school or loneliness that sometimes alienates some more.
But it is a particular act that moved the audience. Submitted Ethan Knapton, a teenager with Asperger’s syndrome has been diagnosed late, Duchess of Cambridge left him tell him his ordeal in primary school and his efforts to educate today classmates provided youth with autism. She then heard the young man’s mother, who, after saying how proud he inspired his son could not help bursting into tears. Spontaneously, William’s wife was so close to Ceri Knapton to hug, justifying his brace with these words: “. as a mom, I have to squeeze you in my arms ”
The first surprise, the mother of the young Ethan was later said to reporters that she still could not believe this gesture full of empathy.
Long life to Kate, new princess of hearts!