Kate Middleton in mourning, she loses a former school friend

Entertainment 6 August, 2017

Big blow for the Duchess of Cambridge, who has just learned a sad news. An old classmate dies, and Kate Middleton is in mourning.

The Duchess of Cambridge has almost to be happy! Yes, Kate Middleton has a perfect family , a crown of princess, and a dress style that attracts the biggest fashion magazines … In short, a life that everyone dreams (secretly). However, we are all housed in the same vein when dealing with a drama. Indeed, the sister of Pippa Middleton recently learned a sad news, which has enough to upset her. A former classmate has just passed away, a rather sad and difficult news for the Duchess of Cambridge!
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She was called Isobel Kennerley, and shared the school with Kate Middleton in the 1990s. They were both part of the same group, the Brownies , at St Andrews School. Kate Middleton, who will perhaps be a queen one day , was even part of a summer camp with Isobel for the Easter holidays. But unfortunately, this former girlfriend of class had a brain tumor, and died as a result of her illness at the age of 34 in May. A very sad news for the Duchess of Cambridge, who learned the news recently.