Kate Middleton is a botox fan? His secret to look younger unveiled

Entertainment 12 February, 2017

Did Kate Middleton use cosmetic surgery? Anyway, its secret to look younger has just been unveiled and it is surprising!
Recently, Melty’s editorial revealed that Kate Middleton and Prince William were going to be separated for Valentine’s Day . Yes, unfortunately, the most elegant couple in England will not spend the feast of lovers together, this Tuesday, February 14. The reason ? Little Charlotte’s mother has to visit the Royal Air Force cadets in Cambridgeshire . A visit that she takes very much to heart but that will be done without her husband. But do not panic ! The two lovebirds will certainly find a moment to catch up. In any case, Kate Middleton never ceases to make speak on the Web. Moreover, some wonder even if it has not passed through the box cosmetic surgery. Is that the case ? It would seem that not because its secret to appear younger has just been unveiled and it is within the reach of all!
You may not know, but Kate Middleton, who refuses to meet Donald Trump , has just turned 35. Suffice to say that time seems to have no hold over the Duchess of Cambridge . From then on, what could this eternal youth be due to? Did she succumb to the call of the bistoury? Well no ! In truth, Prince William’s companion simply decided not to wear make-up . In other words, the big line of black eyeliner under the eyes or the blush too insistent, Kate Middleton now swear by sobriety. Because yes, one tends to forget that one does not make up the same way to 20 years that to 40 years. And that, little George ‘s mom understood it. Testimony these photos before / after to discover HERE . Over the years, Prince Harry ‘s sister-in-law was able to adopt a cooler look and one thing is certain. And you, what do you think of Kate Middleton’s trick?