Kate Middleton is inspired by Lady Diana!

Entertainment 13 July, 2017

Lady Diana is a true inspiration for Kate Middleton. Besides, the Duchess of Cambridge did not hesitate to copy her style very chic!

Kate Middleton is one of the most appreciated and watched people in the world. Each of his acts and gestures is carefully analyzed and nothing goes unnoticed! As we know, Kate Middleton, who was copied by her sister Pippa at Wimbledon, is an icon of fashion and beauty for millions of women. Its refined and chic style is highly appreciated. Moreover, each of its outfits worn is out of stock shortly after its passage. However, it would seem that the wife of Prince William was inspired by Lady Diana for certain outfits, including some accessories. Discover immediately the photos!

Recently, Kate Middleton, who changed his look, had caused a sensation with a pair of Superga sneakers that all the fashionistas had taken. However, it was not the Duchess of Cambridge who launched this trend since the late Lady Diana was already wearing them, long before Kate Middleton discovered them, the proof is HERE! It was in January 1997 that Lady Diana had worn this pair of sneakers in Angola during a mission of the Red Cross to highlight the horror of landmines. The mother of princes William and Harry had opted for a chic and casual look by associating them with jeans and a blaser. Several years later, Kate Middleton had opted for the same chic and trendy look. Their only difference, the color! If Lady Diana had preferred them in navy blue, the Duchess of Cambridge was tempted by the white. In any case, they are as elegant as the other!