Kate Middleton: Is it still so perfect?

Entertainment 18 July, 2017

Always well prepared, always impeccable, but how does the Duchess of Cambridge to be so perfect during her public outings? Even in the museum, Kate Middleton remains impeccable.

This could very quickly become annoying, but the Duchess of Cambridge is so endearing that one can not really blame her … To be in the royal family is not always an easy role to hold, and it is necessary to everything Prices avoid escapades and missteps. But for Kate Middleton who gets noticed when she changes her look, it does not seem insurmountable, quite the contrary. From the beginning, she was noted for her accessible style, her kindness or even simplicity. And yes, like her sister Pippa Middleton, Kate knows how to make herself appreciated from the public, and this all over the world. When the Duchess spends the evening at the museum, it is success guaranteed!

But then, a question turlupine us: how does it make to be always so perfect? A few days ago, Kate Middleton, often copied by her sister Pippa, traveled to London on the occasion of the reopening of the Hintze Hall at the Museum of Natural History. During this evening, she attended the inauguration of an immense blue whale skeleton, 25 meters long, suspended from the ceiling of the museum as can be seen in the photos posted on Twitter. And as always, nothing surprising, Kate shone with a thousand lights and realized a no-fault. A dress that suited her perfectly, handshakes, a communicating smile … Everything went for the best for the Duchess of Cambridge. Once again, it’s a success for Kate Middleton!