Kate Middleton makes adorable confidences on Prince Geroge

Entertainment 1 March, 2017

Attention “cute” minute in sight! Kate Middleton has just made some confidences about her son, Prince George, and it’s really adorable. Discover them immediately!
Kate Middleton and Prince William really form a perfect family . Parents of two adorable children, they breathe happiness and it’s fun to see. Moreover, a few weeks ago, Kate Middleton and Prince William moved to London at the Palace of Kensigton to invest more in their roles and responsibilities. It is true that the princely couple does not miss an opportunity to help their neighbors, but that does not stop them from being a family like the others. Little George’s mother made confidences about her son and it is really adorable. During a visit to Ronald McDonald’s house in London, Kate Middleton revealed that her George loved spending time in the kitchen …
The Prince George was fairly common passions and correspond quite well to a child of her age. During this visit, the Duchess of Cambridge made pancakes with families in preparation for Lent. It was at this point that a four-year-old boy, James Wheeler, asked him “Where is George today?” . Kate Middleton then replied: “George, I should have taken him but he is at his crib Montessori to make pancakes.” . Apparently, this would be one of his son’s favorite pastimes. In addition, when the same little boy warned her that a thunderstorm was coming, Kate Middleton added, “Yes, I know a lot about this, and Geoge loves storms too .” George is really cute. While waiting to learn more about the Duke and the Duchess of Cambrigde, discover an old adorable video of Kate Middleton . What do you think of his confidences?